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The defects cherished in dealing with life’s minor details pass into more important affairs… Thus actions repeated form habits, habits form character, and by the character our destiny for time and for eternity is decided.  (Christ’s Object Lessons, 356)

Actions, often repeated, form habits, habits form character. Patiently perform the little duties of life. So long as you undervalue the importance of faithfulness in the little duties, your character-building will be unsatisfactory. In the sight of Omnipotence, every duty is important. The Lord has said, “He that is faithful in that which is least is faithful also in much.” In the life of a true Christian there are no non-essentials. (Youth Instructor, August 20, 1903)

The temper, the personal peculiarities, the habits from which character is developed–everything practiced in the home will reveal itself in all the associations of life. The inclinations followed will work out in thoughts, in words, in acts of the same character. (6T 174)

Character does not come by chance. It is not determined by one outburst of temper, one step in the wrong direction. It is the repetition of the act that causes it to become habit, and molds the character either for good or for evil. Right characters can be formed only by persevering, untiring effort, by improving every entrusted talent and capability to the glory of God. (CG 164)


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