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Re-Connecting with God

This is a collection of 10 published and unpublished articles on prayer and dependence. The focus of the articles concentrates on the call of God to us to remain connected with him, and the consequences of not doing so in ministry and in our personal lives

This series was originally presented at the Church Planting Conference, Belgrade Adventist Seminary, 2006. DOWNLOAD.

Review & Herald Articles

Marriage is God’s Idea: Looking to get married? Advice from Genesis 24. DOWNLOAD

What Happens When Leaders Pray: The importance of prayer in life of Moses. DOWNLOAD

What Happens When Leaders Don’t Pray: Personal testimony on the need to pray and guidance from Moses. DOWNLOAD

Learning Dependance on God–Again: Coping with discouragement–Peter and Jesus in Gethsemane. DOWNLOAD

The Embattled Leader: How Moses dealt with conflict. DOWNLOAD

Surviving the Storm: Secrets for surviving the storms that come into our lives. DOWNLOAD

Sabotaged Plans and Shattered Dreams: How do we understand God when our dreams are being shattered? DOWNLOAD

Adventist World

Re-Formation in Iceland: Discipleship and Spiritual Formation work in Iceland (2007). DOWNLOAD

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