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useful books and resources on prayer and dependence

(By Author)

Bounds, E M, The Complete Works of E M Bounds on Prayer (1999)

Born in 1835, E M Bounds produced through his life some of the greatest writing on prayer. Baker Book House has put them all together and updated the language. A must have book for anyone who wants to deepen their understanding of prayer.

Bridges, Jeff, The Joy of Fearing God (1997)

I really liked this book for its ability to set a vision for the greatness of God, and then to show us why such a God is worthy of our deepest reverence. Not a story book at all, but lots of good Bible study.

Carson, Don, A Call to Spiritual Reformation: priorities from Paul and his prayers (1992)

A good text-based discussion of Paul’s prayers to show what shaped his thinking and praying.

Christenson, Evelyn. What Happens When Women Pray

Not just a book for women! This is the story of a group of women that decided to find out what happened when they began to pray. This book has some helpful principles for personal and group prayer. Leaders guide also available.

Duewel, Wesley

Mighty Prevailing Prayer (1990)

Wonderful, systematic, logical, and passionate writing on prayer. Duewel compiles from many of the great prayer writers through history and provides a very inspiring book.

Ablaze for God (1989)

An inspiring book on the need for the power of the Holy Spirit in personal ministry and leadership. A good book to revive your passion for God’s work.

Edman, Raymond V. They Found the Secret. (1960, 1984)

Edman tells the wonderful stories of how 20 people came to experience a Spirit empowered life.

Finney, Charles, How to Experience Revival

Finney bluntly puts the need for repentance at the heart of any coming revival. It is a short and simple book, but focuses in an area that many today are apt to miss. Focuses much on the need for personal and conscious confession of sin in our own lives.

Grubb, Norman. Rees Howells: Intercessor

The biography of a Welsh miner in the early 1900’s who had a remarkable relationship with God and who’s prayers accomplished amazing things.

Madame Guyon, A Short Method of Prayer and other writings, (Hendrickson 2005)

John Wesley writes about Madame Guyon (1648-1717), “I know not whether we may not search many centuries to find another woman who was such a pattern of true holiness.” For those who really want to take their prayers lives deeper, this book is thought provoking and provides lots to think about. Be careful as you read because some of the terms she used then means something quite different today which can be confusing. Written in older English.

Morneau, Roger. Incredible Answers to Prayer; More Incredible Answers to Prayer; When You Need Incredible Answers to Prayer.

Inspiring stories of what happened as Roger Morneau began to depend on God through prayer.

Murray, Andrew (1828-1917), Absolute Surender.

A must read for getting to grips with the meaning of complete surrender to God.

Sanders, Oswald, Enjoying Intimacy with God (1980, 2000)

A biblical and spiritual exploration of what intimacy with God is all about.

Yancey, Philip, Prayer: Does it make any difference? (2006)

Claimed to be Yancey’s most powerful book since What’s So Amazing About Grace, and The Jesus I Never Knew. In this book, Yancey asks if prayer really works? Does it change us, or God, or both.

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