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Connect to Reflect is a journey into understanding why reflecting Jesus is fundamental to the Christian life, and how this works in practice. Below are handouts to download and a 5 minute video which introduce the concepts in the handout. This can be used in groups or with individuals.

There are four sections:

1. Introduction (7 lessons). The first section explores why communion with God and reflecting Jesus is so important to us personally, and critical to our mission as a church.

2. The process that nurtures communion with God (12 lessons). The second section explores a blueprint for spiritual growth and intimacy with God. How do we develop a communion with God that will really change who we are? This process will reveal why we often seem to hit spiritual brick walls on our spiritual journey. We will look at the part God plays in the change process, and what God calls us to do.

3. Habits for communion with God (12 lessons). This third section focuses on the habits that shape our lives. Intimacy with God that re-forms our hearts does not happen by accident. It happens as we begin to live differently. In one sense, we are our habits. We will see how different spiritual habits impact the different areas of our intimacy with God.

4. Doctrine for communion with God (12 lessons). The fourth section considers some important doctrines which shape the way we think and live. We will also see how different doctrines impact different parts of our communion with God.

Lessons will be added as they are ready. (NB HANDOUTS: Handouts are designed to be printed on both sides of A4 in landscape, and folded so they can be stored in an A5 binder. To do this correctly, have the middle spread in front of you with the front page on the reverse. Hole punch on the left hand side. Then, bring the right side over to the holes and fold. The holes should be vertically on your left, and the fold on your right with the front cover facing you. The fold will not be exactly in the middle of the page as the holes will be left exposed to the left.)



1. The Problem of Communion  

What went wrong in Eden, and what we can do about it

2. The Great Controversy of Reflecting Jesus  

Reflecting Jesus is at the heart of the cosmic battle

3. A Personal Journey 

Reflecting Jesus is the journey of our lives

4. The Remnant’s Focus 

Calling the world to reflect Jesus prepares for his return

5. Re-formation for eternity 

We will increasingly reflect Jesus–forever

6. Joy 

The purpose of reflecting Jesus is to share in God’s joy


7. Growing Together 

We need each other if we are to mature in Christlikeness



Understanding Communion


Understanding the process underlying our communion with God

1. God initiates, we open 

God initiates all communion and longs for us to be open to him

2. Understanding for faith 

God reveals himself to us, and this revelation is what we place our faith in

3. God gives assurance

When we place our faith in God, he affirms that we are his children

4. Dying to self

Knowing our identity in Jesus, we will abandon everything for him

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