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Learn a simple 5-stage discipling model to use with your students

Discipling resources for church & school teachers

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Learning from the vine: a 10 day study on discipleship


A simple set of studies introducing the core ideas of discipleship from John 17. The lessons are as follows:


Why discipleship?

The goal of discipleship

The result of discipleship

How discipleship works

Connection Point 1—Connecting to the mind of Jesus through His word

Connection Point 2—Connecting to the heart of Jesus through intimacy with Him

Connection Point 3—Connecting to the will of Jesus through our choices

Connection Point 4—Connecting to the work of Jesus through sacrificial service

Discipleship alone?

Planning my journey

One Ambition: how was I designed to live


This curriculum that can be used for pre and post baptismal preparation, but can also be used for those wanting to explore the basics of Christianity.


It focuses on the central idea that as human beings, we are designed to reflect the image of God. This happens as we learn to desire to “gaze on the beauty of the Lord” (Psalm 27:4) and prioritise this longing above all other things. When we learn to do this well, we will “become transformed into his image with every increasing glory” (2 Corinthians 3:18).


After 10 introductory lessons that lay out the framework for life with God, there are 54 further lessons that are divided into 4 areas that students focus on 1) openness, 2) faith, 3) living by divine power, 4) mission. These lessons can be used as an à la carte menu depending on the needs of your students. Lessons are a mixture of spiritual habits and biblical doctrines that are framed in the story of being restored in the image of God.

The teacher's greatest ally—``For those God foreknew he also predestined to be conformed to the image of his Son`` (Romans 8:29)

Fresh Start


Fresh Start is a chapter by chapter study through the book of Matthew. It looks at unpacking the story of Jesus and answers the key questions about living as a Christian. These lessons can be done individually but are also designed to be used with groups. The lessons are as follows:


Introducing Jesus (Matthew 1-4)

What is the gospel? (Matthew 5-7)

A power to transform (Matthew 8-10)

How are we changed? (Matthew 13 & 18)

“Who do you say that I am?” (Matthew 14-17)

Why people didn’t like Jesus (Matthew 19-23)

Living for the future (Matthew 24-25)

“Why did Jesus have to die?” (Matthew 26-27)

An unstoppable kingdom (Matthew 27-28)

So what do we do now? (Matthew 28:16-20)

Help for the journey 1: prayer (Matthew 6:5-15)

Help for the journey 2: the Holy Spirit (Matthew 3)

Help for the journey 3: the church family (Matthew 12:46-50)

Communion with God—A guide for daily devotions


Communion with God teaches students how to develop the habit of daily devotions.


The main section focuses on three areas. First, Bible study—which teaches different methods of study so students can find a method that works best for them. Second, prayer—which highlights four focuses for a balanced prayer life. Third, mission—which looks at how God prepares us for mission and how to be prepared to join God in His work each day.


There are Bible study, prayer and mission journal pages for students to record their own discoveries and prayers. The journal pages make their time with God concrete. It also provides a record of what God has done in their lives to encourage them in the future.


Start Here

My journey into communion

Why communion with God matters

Three attitudes for communion

Finding a time & place

How to use this guide


Bible study—reflecting God’s heart & mind

Method 1 (Listening)—Reading to hear God speak

Method 2 (Listening)—Savouring God’s words

Method 3 (Questioning)—Asking Questions

Method 4 (Imagining)—Being there

Method 5 (Analysing)—Travelling to Corinth

Bible study journal


Prayer—receiving God’s power

Column 1—Dying to my sinful nature

Column 2—Baptised by the Spirit: for daily transformation

Column 3—Baptised by the Spirit: for daily mission

Column 4—Thanks & Praise

Columns 1-4—Praying God’s words

Prayer journal


Mission—revealing God’s glory

Joining God’s work 1—How God reveals His glory

Joining God’s work 2—Becoming: Life in God’s school

Joining God’s work 3—Becoming: Pruning

Joining God’s work 4—Doing: Adventures in service

Joining God’s work 5—Doing: Building spiritual friendships

Mission journal

28 Days in Communion with God


This ebook provides quotations from Ellen White of what happens when we spend time in communion with God. It is split into 28 readings that can be done as a personal or group reading project. It is helpful to give people insight and vision into the transforming influence of God’s presence in our lives. It can be helpful to use before introducing students to Communion with God: A Guide for Daily Devotions.