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Discipling Church Restoring God's Image

Understanding transformation

Spiritual growth doesn’t happen randomly. Much like building a house, certain things happen in order—like putting up the walls before trying to install the windows. This diagram explains the basic spiritual concepts behind restoring the image of God in your life as you deepen your communion with God.


Many of the resources on this site explore these 5 stages of transformation in greater detail, particularly the importance of dying to the sinful self and the baptism of the Holy Spirit, for these lie at the heart of becoming “transformed into his image with ever-increasing glory” (2 Corinthians 3:18).

FREE Tools for transformation


5 methods to study your Bible

5 prayer focuses to receive God’s power

5 ideas to join God in His work

Videos explaining each chapter

Fresh Start

Chapter by chapter study of Matthew

Explore why Jesus is important

Discover answers to basic questions

Study by yourself or with friends

One Ambition

Explore the 5 keys to transformation

In-depth teachings of the Church

Learn important spiritual habits

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